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CROWDFUNDING MExico – @kickstarter July/Juli 2017

Crowdfunding MExico early july 2017 on kickstarter – Anfang Juli 2017 auf Kickstarter! Follow my updates – Updates hier! concept/Konzept FOTOBUCH photobook MExico   ABOUT THE PHOTO SERIES Samantha Dietmar will publish her photographic project on Mexico from the year 2006 in a book in 2016/2017 under the title “MExico”. For this project she travelled with a Mexican photographer from January to Mai 2006 all over the country. She documented the election campaign „La Otra Campagna“ of Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN), which was organized at the same time as official presidential election campaign, in a difficult political climate. The ‘other’ campaign, unarmed, Zapatist alternative, which promoted an anticapitalist alliance to the public, was lead by subcomandante Marcos. Dietmar had the occasion to accompany him on parts of his travels through the country by integrating a group of journalists for alternative media. From the very beginning of her stay in Mexico, what started as a photoreportage, became more and more a photographic journal with a larger view. Her Mexican journal mirrors in a very questioning way the power, the culture and the beauty of Mexico, but also its poverty and the repression. In a very consequent way she focusses on the […]